Inspiring Video: A Day in the Life of a Boston Carpenter

By David Bloch | 08/20/2014

“Joan Bennett, active member of Carpenters Local Union 33 in Boston, shares a day in her life as she volunteers her carpentry skills for a Rebuilding Together Boston project in Dorchester on April 26, 2014. This video was shot as part of the One Day in Boston initiative.”

Watch as she talks about volunteering,¬†how Boston has changed, what she hopes for the city’s future, and her life as a carpenter:

“Just seeing things come up, just watching things grow in Boston itself, everything – from buildings, to kids, to communities… Love it.”

“I walk by [something and think], ‘oh I built that, I had a part in building that’. It’s really nice. It’s great, it’s a good feeling.”

One Day in Boston | Joan Bennett, Carpenters Local 33