Ministry of Supply

By OIB | 08/01/2014

DEAL: Select the items from the bundle of your choice and apply the code during checkout:

Aviator + Atmos Longsleeve [$149 with Discount Code: AVIATORATMOS] The weekender – a casual, outfit that looks great at brunch, hanging out downtown, or just relaxing at home.

AviatorAtmos (1)

Archive + Aviator [$199 with Discount Code: ARCHIVEAVIATOR] This is the all-purpose, do anything outfit. You can wear it to work, out to happy hour, and beyond.


Apollo + Core + Aeon + Aero + Atlas [$289 with Discount Code: APOLLOPLUS] Prepared for anything – pro style. This is the professional outfit that will take you from summer to winter – seamlessly.



WHY: From moisture-wicking socks to breathable, ventilating dress shirts, these outfits are ready for whatever the day brings. Ministry of Supply was founded in 2011 by three MIT students with a passion for design, technology, and clothing. Their clothes are manufactured using cutting-edge design and materials – including the same material NASA uses in their spacesuits to regulate temperature. They also support curbing over-consumption with their 1 In – 1 Out policy: For every item purchased, the company and its customers give 1 old item of clothing away.