Someone Put a UMass Jersey on the Doug Flutie Statue at BC

By David Bloch | 08/26/2014

Shots fired: Ahead of the season-opening UMass Amherst-Boston College football game this Saturday at Gillette Stadium, someone has placed a UMass jersey on the iconic statue commemorating Doug Flutie’s famous ‘Hail Mary’ pass against University of Miami in 1984.


The rivalry between the two schools was renewed in 2011 when UMass joined college football’s highest division, the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision), then known as Division 1-A. That same year it was announced that the 2014 season would hold the first of a three-game biannual series.

Out of the 24 games played between them since 1899, BC has won 19 of them. UMass has not won since 1978 and is currently a 17-point underdog.

Catch the season-opening game at 3 PM on ESPN 3.