Introducing: The #ChallengeChallenge

By David Bloch | 08/12/2014

In case the media bombardment of stories about it haven’t reached you somehow, the latest internet “challenge” to go viral is the Ice Bucket Challenge – started by former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates. The Beverly native started the challenge to raise awareness for ALS, a disease he has lived with since 2012.

The challenge is simple: Pour a bucket of ice water over yourself or donate money to ALS research, then challenge someone else to do the same. I guess it’s good that someone finally exploited one of these challenges for a good purpose.

However, up to this point almost all of these stunts have been characteristic of the worst tendencies of social media: narcissistic, self-aggrandizing, stupid, and generally without a purpose other than to seek attention. Sure, they’re funny because most people can’t resist watching someone make a fool of themselves for everyone on the internet, but at what point will people get bored by it?

Let’s be real: probably never.

The psychology behind what makes something go viral is just beginning to be studied, but it’s already well-known that ego and emotion fuels much of what we share and participate in online. Still, it never ceases to amaze me what people will actually do to complete a friend’s dare or to feel like they’re a part of some #viral trend.

Without further ado, here is the #ChallengeChallenge: Watch the 10 most ridiculous challenges to rise from the depths of the internetz, then share it!

Fire Challenge

The Worst Trend Of 2014: Fire Challenge Compilation!

Cinnamon Challenge

Banana and Sprite Challenge

Condom Challenge

Chubby Bunny Challenge

Pass Out Challenge

These Challenges Are Getting Outta Hand: Girl Has A Seizure After Doing The Pass Out Challenge!

Flour Challenge

Flour Challenge Fail: Uncle & Nephew Starts Crying & Almost Pukes!

Salt and Ice Challenge

Hot Pepper Challenge

Warheads Challenge


Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge

BONUS STUPIDITY: Cinnamon and Pepper Spray Challenge

He Damn Near Died: Cinnamon Challenge + Pepper Spray Fail!