This Mission-Driven Company Makes “Nearly Indestructible” Soccer Balls

By David Bloch | 08/18/2014

One World Futbol Project, started in 2010, makes what it calls a “nearly indestructible” soccer ball. Founders Tim Jahnigen and Lisa Tarver were inspired to design a ball that could withstand even the toughest environments after watching a news report about “kids in Darfur playing a soccer game using a ball of trash tied up with twine.”

Jahnigen and Tarver knew that children all over the world – in places ravaged by conflict, poverty, or disaster – needed a ball that could survive the “harsh conditions” that they faced.

The ball is made from a “proprietary cross-linked closed cell foam” that is extremely flexible and durable, and almost impossible to damage.

One World Futbol Project is a B Corporation, which means that its social mission is written right into its corporate structure. The B Corporation, (the B is short for Benefit), is a relatively new form of corporate organization that allows a company to take into account the sustainable triple bottom line – People, Planet, and Profit.

Watch their interview with Yahoo’s Katie Couric:

This Soccer Ball Is Virtually Indestructible