Is the F-cking #IceBucketChallenge Over Yet?

By David Bloch | 08/21/2014

Okay, we did it America. Over 600,000 donors have contributed $31.5 million to the ALS Association in recent weeks because of the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. Let’s pat ourselves on the back. We harnessed the power of social media to make the world a slightly better place. Bravo.

And most importantly we here in Boston started it! We truly are #BostonStrong.

But now that everyone not living under a rock has heard about it, don’t you think we can move on? (Yes I know it’s hard to move on when Robert Pattinson just jumped on the bandwagon, but we can do this together!) Seriously, we don’t have to do it anymore – awareness (and money!) has been raised. We have shown each other how much we really care. This has been the biggest social media fundraising success since #stopkony.

Did you know that you can actually contribute money without dumping a bucket of ice water over your head? Yes, it’s not as fun or #social, but it can be done! I know it’s hard to care about something without having a ubiquitous social media trend or challenge to keep you on track – but again, it can be done!

But that’s boring!

So, let’s move on to bigger and better things, America! Maybe we can begin to support other worthy causes by using the same strategies. (But we HAVE to create more #viral social media challenges – how else would people be moved to action?)

Here are some suggestions of issues that we can bring awareness to: (I know they’re not as easy to relate to as ALS, but let’s give ’em a shot)

  • Poverty, Homelessness

  • Institutional Racism

  • Militarization of Police

  • The systematic Erosion of our Civil Liberties

  • Police Violence

  • Israeli Human Rights Violations

  • Income Inequality

  • Military Industrial Complex

  • Gentrification

  • Political Corruption

I know what you’re thinking, “Who cares about this shit? There’s nothing WE can do about it…”

Okay, you’re probably right. Forget it. Hey, look guys! Larry Bird did the Ice Bucket Challenge!