18 Phrases You Will Never Hear in Boston

By David Bloch | 09/16/2014
  1. “They really should build a Dunkin Donuts in this area, there’s not enough of them around here.”
  2. “You know, there’s not enough colleges or hospitals either.”
  3. “Don’t worry, there’s plenty of parking.”
  4. “I love sharing the road with bicyclists, there’s enough room for everyone.”
  5. “Yeah, the MBTA is great!” 
  6. “No, there’s not that many Irish people in Boston.”
  7. “I’m not really upset that they lost, it’s just a game after all.”
  8. “You know what I miss? The Big Dig.”
  9. “Remember that time when Mayor Menino gave that really eloquent speech?”
  10. “I love the Green Line, especially when it’s filled with college kids.”
  11. “I can’t find a Catholic church anywhere around here.”
  12. “He put his signal light on, so I let him go.”
  13. “I love Roger Clemens.”
  14. “You should take Storrow Drive, it’ll be faster.”
  15. “Traffic usually isn’t that bad.”
  16. “How ’bout that Revolution game last night?”
  17. “Everyone here is so courteous.”
  18. “Wow, rent is pretty cheap here.”
  • Mark

    #12 is actually a double. The use of “blinkahs” and then letting someone in are two things that don’t happen around here.

  • Neil Caswell

    haters on the revs…

  • Starkie

    “How ’bout that Revolution game last night?” Been a Rev’s fan for 15 years. True, I never heard that further in the past, but lately I have been hearing that from people who never used to pay them any mind! So, I’m calling: False!

  • Pattianne LeClair

    #6 so not Irish, that’s a Scottish bagpipe band