Updated: Five Alarm Fire At Old Factory in Westie

By David Bloch | 09/10/2014

The Boston Fire Department is fought a five-alarm blaze in West Roxbury last night. The factory, according to Boston.com, is a former asthma inhaler facility run by Armstrong Pharmaceuticals, which has prompted “concerns among responders about lingering hazardous materials.”

Adam Gaffin on Twitter: “Last month, resident complained about teens, homeless getting into factory and “a strong chemical odor” http://t.co/mzSRSpyFgM #westroxbury”
Adam Gaffin on Twitter: “Firefighters making “slow progress” #westroxbury”
Adam Gaffin on Twitter: “Building on fire is former asthma-inhaler factory, was already marked for firefighters to stay out of in event of a fire #westroxbury”

According to our reporter at the scene, the factory is located at the corner of Centre Street and Lagrange Street. Police are “very serious about sealing off the area, and the surrounding streets are shrouded in smoke.”




Julia C on Twitter: “Smoke getting very bad @universalhub http://t.co/UEsOUJvLUy”
Kathryn Kinzel on Twitter: “Now that I’m closer to the fire I smell a plastic-y, chemical-y smell. Oh something bad is burning in there. @universalhub”
Phal419 on Twitter: “Now ambulance heading down to fire location. Police says to stay away from smoke #chemical #westroxbury”
Robert Orthman on Twitter: “Armstrong Labs was one of larger employers in #WestRoxbury before it closed. Hope @BostonFire & neighbors are ok there. @universalhub”

UPDATE, from Boston.com:

“This is what we call a posted building,” the Boston Fire Department tweeted around 9:15 p.m. “We have identified [the building] as hazardous with no interior firefighting allowed.”

A later statement clarified that known hazards included the lack of a sprinkler system.

One witness described seeing the back of the bulding “completely involved” with smoke, with the fire reaching the structure’s roof. It was unknown whether any chemicals were present.

Fire officials said no injuries were reported at the scene.

NECN later reported that firefighters ruled out the possibility of hazardous chemicals in the building.