A Trip to the Gilt City Warehouse Sale and Shopping Party

By OIB | 09/16/2014

By Belen Cusi [tf]belencusi[/tf]

Chanel was still inaccessible, but FCUK was suddenly like Guess. Enter: The Gilt City Warehouse Sale last Saturday, and a ticket to fashion heaven.

“This can’t-miss shopping party brings what Vogue has called the “online shopping phenomenon” to life. As you sip free cocktails and enjoy a bustling atmosphere with music by a live DJ, you’ll find racks and tables stocked with fashionable finds.”

I arrived at the Revere Hotel a hair past seven to find myself facing an army of bargain hunters waiting to get inside. This is where media passes come in handy, and in one unusually slick move I was sauntering through the doors before a sea of envious eyes. “Yeah, I’m media.”

Cut to: Me finishing my second bag of barbeque Pop Chips with a complimentary cocktail in hand. Life was good. I had the perfect Little Black Dress for fall and a sexy black-and-white Rebecca Minkoff at a quarter of the list price in my bag.

The first lap around the warehouse was a whirlwind of frantically sifting through clothes racks and rows of shoes. Of course, the rack with size 6.5 was the smallest of them all and much as I tried squeezing into 6’s I had to accept my fate: I was to buy no marked-down shoes at this event.


In between “Excuse me’s” and warm bodies I found myself lusting after pieces that, although significantly marked down, still cost almost half my entire paycheck. During those moments it was best to just stop and snap a picture for the dream board, and move on.

One particular dress screamed boho goddess, but just one glance at the price tag warned me to keep my distance.


Overall, the stock was a mixed bag – with anything from the few Carolina Herrera and Yves Saint Laurent pieces to some unknown designers. While digging through hangers I chatted with some friendly women who said they were disappointed with this year’s selection, adding that in past years the warehouse sale has boasted higher quality inventory than this year’s.

The sunglass collection however, wasn’t bad at all and I couldn’t help having a little fun trying on different shades.


The conclusion: despite not finding any shoes my size or having to involuntarily invade the private space of strangers for an hour while I shopped, this event was a hit in my book. The pumped up music makes it feel like a party – not to mention the free alcohol – and walking away with designer pieces at a fraction of the cost makes it all more than worth it.

See you next year!