Three Affordable and Re-Wearable Costume Ideas for Halloween

By Editorial Staff | 10/24/2014

By Elina Kozak

Halloween is right around the corner, but do you know what you’ll be this year? No? Well look no further!

Just as much as we want to get the perfect Halloween costume, we want to get something that’s affordable – and in the best-case scenario – re-wearable later in the year. Ladies, I’ve got you covered.

I will be sharing a few ideas that are both affordable and re-wearable. Perhaps you may already have a few of these items in your closet! In addition, continue reading for some fun places to go to in Boston for Halloween!

The first idea is, of course, the iconic Rosie the Riveter!


First, you’ll need  a jean shirt that you can tie up with the ends. This H&M shirt is less than $25 and can easily be worn for the Fall and Winter Season.


Next is a pair of red high-waisted shorts. This red will be a great pop of color with the outfit, but don’t be afraid to use another color if you own some already. Check out similar shorts from Forever 21 for $13.99.

And of course, you’ll need a bandana. You can get one at your local craft store or even Walmart for $3. After that, your outfit is complete! Just put on some red lipstick and liquid eyeliner and you are good to go!

The next idea is another classic – Minnie Mouse.

All you will likely need for this costume is a high-waisted red polka-dot skirt! You can buy them on Etsy for less than $40! It’s definitely a piece you could re-wear to different events.


Just rock a white or black shirt or crop top, and add a bow in your hair. And don’t forget to add mouse ears and a mouse nose to your face!


Lastly, this costume idea is perfect for those that want something super quick and easy. All you need is your favorite little black dress or any dress of your preference from your closet. This dress is available for less than $30 at H&M.

Just add a masquerade mask and you’ll look like a guest at the ball. A lot of costume and party stores sell them, but you can buy them online as well. Pick a mask to match your dress and you’re all set. This mask is available for $4.95 on Ebay

Now that you have found your perfect costume, it’s time to figure out a fun place to go. Don’t stick around for the typical Halloween apartment party. Go out! A lot of places in Boston are hosting events this Halloween.

Check out these places!

  1. The Brahmin Halloween Bash (1 hour open bar & complimentary apps)
  2. Magic Hat/BarUp Costume Crawl (6 bars through the heart of Allston)
  3. The Vault Halloween Madness ( 1 hour open bar & $200 prize to best costume)

Boston has a lot of great events to offer this Halloween and you’ll be sure to look great with these costume ideas.

Elina Kozak blogs at Evice 101. Follow her on Twitter @elinakozak.