My Five Favorite Pieces At “The Art Of The Brick” Exhibit

By Editorial Staff | 10/09/2014

OIB Contributor: Eva Hynes
Twitter: @evuhhh
Blog: The Garment Rack

This Wednesday was the opening of “The Art of the Brick” exhibit over in Faneuil Hall. This exhibit highlights the intriguing and creative works of Nathan Sawaya, who is a “New York based artist who creates awe-inspiring works of art out of some of the most unlikely things”, these unlikely things being Lego bricks.

The works were out of the world, simply breath-taking. Sawaya re-created famous works of art simply out of Lego’s and created dozens of his very own pieces that were equally as amazing.

I loved every piece shown, but here are my five favorites:

  1. This one of my all-time favorite paintings, I have a copy hanging in my room, and to see Sawaya re-create this piece was special for me. I love the detail he put into it, and it really looks exactly like the print in my room.
  2. This piece was fantastic! This recreation of Nefertiti was in one of the first display rooms and I was taken aback by the 3-D sculpture, simply made of Lego bricks! I love this painting as well, and have done some recreations myself, but nothing compares to this work of art!
  3. I loved this piece. I thought the skulls were so precisely done, and the colors make the features from the skulls really defined. This piece was in the “Underneath Humans” section, which showed skeletons and exposed organs within a human made entirely of Legos. It was all incredible.
  4. These human statues were unbelievable! These forms were obviously made entirely of bricks signed by city-goers in all different parts of the world. The multi-color humans are Sawaya’s form of street art. He builds these mannequins and places them in random spots around different cities.
  5. This masterpiece was by far my favorite, and how could it not be? Look at this thing! A replica of a T-Rex! This piece took over 80,000 Legos to build, which is mind-blowing. The detail and preciseness were incomparable. The picture does not even do it justice; it just makes it look pixel-y. This was definitely the highlight of the entire exhibit.


So there you are! My five favorite pieces at the new “The Art of the Brick” exhibit located in Faneuil Hall by Nathan Sawaya. Everything included was truly amazing and is definitely a must-see exhibit this fall here in the city. Purchase tickets at www.bostonbricks.com and children 2 and under enter for free!