An Inside Look at Boston’s Fashion Week

By OIB | 10/13/2014
Heels at Boston Fashion Week

OIB Contributor: Elina Kozak
Twitter: @ElinaKozak
Blog: EVICE 101

If you were to ask any girly girl what her dream may be, she would most likely reply, “go to a fashion show.” Well, this week I had the opportunity to go to Boston’s Fashion Week at Copley Place!

The experience I had was amazing. The show was well organized with a great designers and production team to get the show going without a hitch. As I entered the fashion show area, there were “swag bags” given out that included coupons to the shows sponsors as well as great sample products. The reaction I had to getting front row seats was indescribable as I felt like all my dreams were coming true. I cannot describe the detail and precision you can see up close by being in the front row. It was also fun to see the other audience members discussing their favorite piece from the collection or how much one loved a certain pair of shoes. It was as if all the audience members came together and became friends because we all had a common bond of fashion.

As far as the fashion show part itself, it was produced in two different sections. The first part was the models showing off L.K. Bennet clothing which I would best describe as a classy and professional type of clothing. It was definitely something I would wear if I had a 9-5 professional job! (Also, it’s been known that Kate Middleton wears their clothing and shoes!)

The other half of the show was hosted by Mass Art. They had students create their own clothing from business casual, to night gowns, and recyclable products as dresses. I enjoyed this part of the show because it made me truly appreciate the young, college students’ hard work to design their own clothes. It also made me feel like a judge on Project Runway. Who doesn’t want to feel like Nina Garcia or Heidi Klum on the hit show?!

Overall, the experience was one I will never forget. Even though Boston isn’t known for its fashion compared to New York, I think it is becoming more of a popular topic. I think the city has great potential and we will see more fashion forward people on the streets of Boston.

Below are some pictures I took from the show that I enjoyed on the runway. Enjoy!