A Letter to Boston #FitChicks

By OIB | 10/22/2014

By Kelly Alto

Dear ‘#FitChicks’,

First of all, don’t worry; I’m not about to scoff at being fit.

I’m also not going to go on an annoying rant about how you should all stop talking about being fit. I already did that – before it became cool. Now, it’s actually not the fitness freaks that need to shut up. It’s everyone who thinks they’re being funny and original by complaining about the fitness freaks.

Having said that, I am simply going to offer some advice to all of the girls who are mad into fitness right now.

Don’t stop working out, don’t stop eating healthy, and don’t stop Instagramming your motivational quotes if you don’t want to. But do think carefully about this method that I am about to share with you.

It is my considered opinion that the more you express through social media about how fitness is your life, the more you’re doing it wrong. Don’t post about how much you’re working out. Keep the ‘keep calm and go lift’ mantra to yourself. This is all camouflaging the real message that you’re trying to send: ‘Someone please give me attention!’

A better technique is to keep your hard work and clean eating on the DL and just show up to a party one day looking bomb-as-fuck. This way, no one is annoyed by you, no one has expectations and everyone is like ‘DAYUM.’ That’s what you want. You don’t want people knowing how hard you work to look the way you do.

The truth: I wake up five days a week at 5:23AM and work out before work. I really do that – it’s insane. I don’t post about it because, what if I ever have arm fat in a picture? Oh, hell no. If I posted about it constantly, everyone would be thinking, ‘yikes, she works out THAT much and still can’t manage to lose all of her study abroad weight? Poor girl.’ No thank you!

Life as a lady is just one big mind game. Never let them see you sweat.

Keep it chic, chicas!

Making the world a better place,

Kelly Alto blogs at My Dishonest Truth. You can follow her on Twitter @kelly_alto.