Wicked Halloween featuring Above & Beyond, Benny Benassi, Audien & Jack Eye Jones

By OIB | 10/24/2014

Tony and Paavo and Jono, oh my! This Halloween the trance trio will be joined by Benny Benassi and Audien for a night of thrills and chills so good, you won’t know if this is a nightmare or a dream. These talents come to Lowell’s Tsongas Arena on October 30th. Costumes are welcomed because this will be a Wicked Halloween.

Coming right off the immense success of the sold out live broadcast around the world of ABGT 100 at the famed Madison Square Garden, the announcement of a new studio album We Are All We Need, to be released early 2015 and the release of the first album single, We Are All We Need, Above & Beyond will be sending chills down spines in all the right ways. Throwing out hit after hit from their Anjuna Kitchen as they like to call it, A&B will only be cooking up a fresh new set to spook souls with this Halloween.

One of the most recognized names in the music industry, Benny Benassi has wholly managed to capture the hearts of multiple generations of EDM fans across the world with his flawless trademark tech/electro/house infused sounds and charismatic performance flair. If we’ve come to learn one thing about Benassi it’s to expect the unexpected. He knows how to set the stage and he definitely knows how to bring the party.

Supported by the trance maestros themselves, Audien is the young face among veterans. His incredible sense, beautiful melodies and production quality that deserves a lot of recognition, Audien is starting to show off his skills in a trance scene that many had mistaken for dead and gone.

With this three act combination, we hope the show will give you terrifyingly, sweet chills you won’t be able to shake.

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