An Interview with Lynn, MA Rapper Tony Moreaux

By OIB | 11/06/2014
Tony Moreaux Interview

By Nathan Johnson


Tony Moreaux has been putting on for his city and state for some time now. Countless singles, visuals and earlier this year he dropped off his most impressive solo effort to date in: “Had You At Hello”. That project showcased Moreaux’s wordplay ability, story-telling skills, and his talents of carrying a song all by himself. He is currently working on new material and branding his AMX team. Read his interview with Nate below.

Mr. AMX, Tony Moreaux, what’s good my guy? Been a long time since we chopped it up, how you been? How’s the little one?

Peace family. All is real well, man. The little ones are good. My daughter, the oldest, is so damn creative for a 7 year old. It’s hard to keep with sometimes yo (laughs). My son who just turned a year old recently, is always trying to find a way to creep up in my studio when I’m in the middle of recording. I tried to tell him I charge for features but he thinks he’s so damn entitled (laughs). Jokes, jokes. Little man loves the stu’ though.

Aha word, happy to hear that. Now growing up in the Boston area, how would you say Boston has impacted as a musician and as a person? 

As a musician, it’s impacted me greatly. Mostly in a sense where it has conditioned me for a tough, hostile environment. It basically made me a monster, Nate. Through my experiences being a musician from this area, I feel like now you can stick me anywhere on the globe and I can run the show. I say this not only because of the criticism of haters or nay-sayers, but also, the support… My supporters pushed me to great heights and HEAVILY contributed to the confidence I already had. Coming from a place like this, the people either hate you hard, or love you hard. You would know (laughs).

What rappers did you grow up listening to that can say inspired you or made you want to get into rapping? 

Well, I will say Tupac made me pick up the pen around 8-9 years old. Notorious BIG basically made me keep going and exploring. Nas made me want to be a more creative artist. Jay Z made me want to become an icon in the culture. Naming these 4 artists, I know it’s pretty cliche, so I HAD to give my reasons. I will definitely say Hov had the largest influence on me though.

A lot of your music is self-produced..what did you start doing first tho’?  The producing or the rapping?

I actually started rapping before producing. I started producing about 7-8 years after I started rapping… Do I have an advantage doing both? Absolutely. As Tony Moreaux the producer, I know exactly what Tony Moreaux the artist should and shouldn’t be rapping on. Being a producer guides me in the right directions as an artist. With that being said, as a producer, I still explore and experiment new sounds for Tony Moreaux the artist (laughs). Two things I will always guarantee is quality and growth.

Aside from everything you do on the solo tip, you started AMX too, tell us about that and who’s apart of it.

 Besides myself, AMX -Anything Minor Xpands, consists of my brother Jhonstone, my brother Corey, my TMF guys, Rawb, Slim, Juke and Coop…, Anything Minor Xpands…. Basically meaning there will always be room for growth on this side. No matter how major we may become. We’ll always expand and reinvent. No ceilings over our heads. We strive to exceed what is perceived as “greatest” or “best”.

Should we expect and AMX mixtape? 

Without a doubt. It’s only right. Couldn’t give you an exact date but THAT is going down.

You’ve been around or apart of Hip Hop for some time now. How do you feel about the current state of the whole Hip Hop scene?

Of course. I feel as though Hip Hop is in a place right now where it’s allowing many artists to wake up and finally make some damn music. I like what I’ve been hearing but there is always going to be that large bunch that I consider to be dead weight… but hey… that’s just my opinion. If these dead weight rappers have supporters then more power to ’em. Other than that, I feel like hip hop is in a great place and will proceed to grow if we can keep making MUSIC.

And you fuck with the battle rap culture to an extent. What do you think about industry rappers crossing over? Like Joe Budden just battled, Cassidy has one coming up. You think these two lanes of battle rap and industry rappers are meant to be mixed or they shouldn’t be merged? 

 I think it’s a beautiful thing. Rappers been battling since rap was actually dubbed “RAP” (laughs). It’s all fun at the end of the day even though ego can come in to play at certain times. Seeing these industry guys step in the ring is very humbling to see because this is only helping the culture grow, in my opinion… It makes things interesting. It lets people know that rap has other extensions besides just songs. Battling was once a huge part of the culture and is becoming that once again and I couldn’t be more proud.

What are some of the toughest obstacles that you think up-and-coming rappers face?

Let me tell you, first hand, Nate…THE MAIN ISSUE…upcoming rappers have to deal with is being put in the category of being an “upcoming rapper” (laughs). Simple as that… Before the potential listener even hits play, the upcoming artist is being judged or even worse, over looked. It is what it is. As cliche as it sounds, it really can be all about who you know. Which can also be another struggle or obstacle to some. Because besides actually being a talented artist who makes good music, you have to have somewhat of an attractive personality if you want to stay connected and not burn bridges with these folks. Be cool… Then of course you have these other cats who literally just got lucky and got on, it happens (laughs). We see this all the time.

To put all that time into Had You At Hello, then to respected sources like OnSMASH, Funk Flex, The Source show it love… What’d that feel like?

 It was a great feeling, man. To know that these big names are showing me all this love only gave me that much more confirmation that this music thing here is something that I’m meant to do. A lot of guys would receive an opportunity similar to mine, celebrate and get lazy afterwards, but for me, it was a real kick in the ass, it reminded me to stay on my toes and most of all, stay consistent.

What was your favorite track off their and why?

 You just had to drop that bomb on me, huh Nate? (laughs)… It’s so hard to choose cause it’s like, all these tracks are my babies! (laughs) You know?… But man… If I really had to choose…….”Contradictions” is that joint man. If I could describe it the best way I knew how, I’d depict it as a  “conscious banger” (laughs). I feel like it’s a perfect combination of something you nod your head to, but also, you’re listening to the words and respecting the message. I’d say it’s very relatable too, which I consider to be an important ingredient in any of my songs.

And you had the joint with Beatminerz on there, how’d that come about?

 My manager actually is real cool with Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz. From there, I was put in contact with Mr. Walt. The rest is history… Black List Celebrity is one of my favorite songs and it was an honor to be able to work with such legends on that joint. I’m most definitely looking forward to making more history with them.

Give us three music related goals you have.

Goals, goals, goals… In no specific order, I gotta say one music related goal of mine would to be on a world tour. I’m anticipating the day that’s in effect. Another would be to have my true supporters and fans stick with me through any musical transition I decide to make… That’s huge to me…I can’t keep you here, however, I can only promise consistency, the rest is up to you.  Last but not least, one of my biggest goals is to actually be an icon in this culture, man.  I yearn for that. I know I can put this culture on my back. I have way too much offer. I mean that in the most humble way possible.

You just dropped off your new single “Tato”… Tell us about that.

Yea man… The new single is a banger…self-produced…a very fun, braggadocious, bass heavy track. At the same time, the inspiration behind it is simply a little run around of the ups and downs of how my year has been so far. Hope y’all enjoyed it, man.

What do you have in the works now? 

After this single drops… Who knows, yo? I surprise myself (laughs)…. Maybe a freestyle, maybe a video, maybe a feature, maybe a whole new song… Anything but silence (laughs). I can say THAT much. Working on a whole new project too but that’s for later on. Just know it’s in the works!

If you weren’t rapping, what would you be doing?

Well, I gotta admit, this is an easy one… Honestly, I’d most likely be producing my ass off if rap wasn’t in the plans dog (laughs).

Straying away from music (laughs). What food spots you fuck with most in the area? 

Fam… Kennedy’s Fried Chicken. Anyone that knows me, KNOWS that is my spot. Other than that, I love Mandee’s Pizza, Primo Roast Beef and the Mediterranean….all good food, dog. I highly recommend all them spots to any outsider that happens to be around the way. Word.

And what’s the “most Boston” thing you do? 

My disgusting, unhealthy love for Dunkin Donuts coffee. Nothing like that hot morning coffee on cold day, fam. (laughs) I’m a true New Englander when it comes to that. The fact that the morning coffee is of Dunkin Donuts brand is what makes this a New England thing (laughs).

Where do people stay updated with you?

Stay updated with me on www.TonyMoreaux.tumblr.com and of course, follow your man on Twitter: @TonyMoreaux. Peace!

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