A Letter To Fox News, From a Young Woman

By OIB | 11/04/2014
Fox News

By Jasmine Cole Marrow


Dear Fox News,

First off I would like to say, that I don’t make a habit of watching your show, because apparently your entire cast is made up of misogynistic, asshats.

I’m sorry was that a bit harsh? Well now you all know how it feels to watch your show.

I can’t say that I am completely shocked to hear about your latest scandal involving your comments on women. To be completely honest I thought you guys could sink no lower after the “Take the Stairs” joke that was made after the Ray Rice incident, but once again you proved me wrong.

The statements you made about “young women” were completely out of line and incredibly inaccurate. You may not think I’m old enough, but I am over 18 and voting is my right as a U.S. citizen. So if Uncle Sam thinks I’m old enough to vote, than that means I’m old enough to vote. Sure yes, I may still live at home, and I may not have a full time or “real” job, and yeah maybe I don’t have as much “life experience” as all you older and “wiser” narrow minded conservatives over there….but you know what voting shouldn’t be based off life experience it should be based on research. People should research the candidates and find out what their platform is, what they stand for, and what they stand against. Then you can vote for the candidate who is going to fight for what you want. So I may not have much life experience, but I have enough, and I have more than enough knowledge to go to the polls this November and know who to vote for.

I have enough life experience to know that I have a right to do what I want with my body, and I have enough knowledge to know that candidates who plan on voting for Amendment 67 don’t agree with that. I have enough life experience to know that health care should cover medical necessities for women, like birth control and mammograms, and I have enough knowledge to know that most republicans are trying to take that away. I have enough life experience to know that I deserve to be paid the same as my male counterparts, and I have enough knowledge to know that most male republicans don’t believe that.

So I may not have the “life experience” you think I need, but I have got plenty of knowledge and I have the college transcript from a major university to prove it. And I am going to take my knowledge and bring it with me all the way to the polls. Guess I’ll see you on Election Day.


A Young Woman Who Voted Today.

P.S. Not all of us use Tinder, and the majority of people on Match.com, are in your age bracket. Just so you know.

Jasmine Cole Marrow blogs at Feminism In The 21st Century. You can follow her on Twitter @JColeMarrow.