5 Reasons Every College Student in Boston Should Sign Up For Scrollr

By OIB | 11/06/2014
  1. Reach the World Quicker.

    Scrollr is a content media platform with a twist. You do not have to follow people to be discovered like many other platforms out there, instead it thrives off the idea of Personal Brand Awareness and instant gratification through allowing the world to rate your content and help users be found via our filtering system (Best content, Hottest content at the moment and Newest content). Put simply: Posts rise and fall based on merit.

    We have been described as the love child of Pinterest and Reddit, as we incorporate the ability to filter out bad content while removing the barriers to entry.


  2. Two Tiered Platform: 

    Scrollr is a two-level platform where anyone can post, share, view and comment on content, and people worth following automatically come up without prompting.

    Scrollr gives the users an option of who they post to. They can post to the World (In a Reddit style) or just to their following (Like on Instagram). This is due to the increasing demand by users who want to have a choice about who sees certain content (the best of both worlds).

  3. Ranking Algorithm and Post “score”:

    Our ranking algorithm filters out bad quality content on the main feed to ensure that only the latest trending and hot content judged by our users appears.

    Profiles show off their number of followers vs following as well as their “score” that is accumulated through posting quality content. The higher the users “score” indicates the quality of content, therefore creating a style of competition to post the greatest content, ensuring no bad content sneaks through.

  4. User Experience:

    Scrollr (like its name) scrolls sideways maximizing the full screen to build a beautiful mosaic of imagery, videos and gifs that enables the users to immerse themselves quickly and stay connected for longer. Scrollr is a fusion between aesthetics and functionality.

  5. Ability to share your content quickly

    Scrollr allows you to upload and share content quickly in a variety of forms: from Youtube and Vimeo to Photosets (albums)

    Scrollr also allows users to post content to all their social platforms quickly. Users don’t have to post content to Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit or Pinterest individually. They can post it to Scrollr then click share immediately.

Sign up to Scrollr today at www.scrollr.co and become one of the first members to experience, rate and give feedback, as well as get the username you want before anyone else!

Scrollr is currently in development (Beta Version) and is growing and changing every day through insights from it users. If you have any changes you’d love to see email [email protected]

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