BarUp Spotlight: Anthem Kitchen & Bar

By OIB | 12/21/2014

By BarUp

Located in the heart of Faneuil Hall is Anthem: a great place to escape the Boston tourists and enjoy some hearty food. The rustic comfort food at Anthem is so delicious, you will find yourself coming back again and again. Menu items such as fried pickles, teriyaki shrimp, and sweet potato poutine separate Anthem from the other restaurants in the area. And for the gluten sensitive folks, the gluten free menu is TOP NOTCH. Head over to Anthem and try their famous “Best Chowder in Boston” (2010 and 2012), or go out after work for some drinks. Although the beer selection is limited, the cocktails at Anthem pack a serious punch!

Anthem Kitchen & Bar is one of the best spots in Boston for a nice date, and with its location, it’s really easy to find. If you subscribe to Anthem’s newsletter, you will receive $10 off your first visit. Take advantage and head over!

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