The Best Scorpion Bowls in the Boston Area

By OIB | 12/28/2014

By BarUp

Scorpion bowls are the greatest alcoholic concoction known to man. A serious blend of fruit drinks, rum, gin, vodka – these bowls pack a crazy punch that’s like no other… Usually served with dry ice and some fire, these bowls take it to another level, giving you a nice tropical paradise to drink out of. And seriously, there’s nothing more fun than downing a scorpion bowl with good friends…

Below are a few places in the Boston area that BarUp recommends. Get out and try some of these places, as they have some of the best scorpion bowls around.

China RainbowWatertown – This red door bar is essentially hidden on one of the busiest streets in Watertown. Our absolute favorite for scorpion bowls and other exotic drinks, China Rainbow is a must for anyone who wants a bowl. We are trying to figure out what goes into the concoction, but to us it doesn’t matter… For under $10, you and a friend can get seriously drunk. And they do light the middle on fire which makes it all more fun. China Rainbow has the tiki bar theme which adds to the whole experience, including stuffed puffer fish with lanterns inside them (pretty weird, we know…). If you’re looking for a cheap strong scorpion bowl, or just cheap exotic drinks… China Rainbow is our #1 suggestion.

Golden TempleBrookline – Another great spot in the area, Golden Temple is known mostly for its amazing Chinese food. However, BarUp visits the temple frequently for their massive scorpion bowls… These bowls are seriously massive! The restaurant/bar is pricey, but these drinks are totally worth it. With what we assume as higher quality liquor, Golden Temple serves a better tasting bowl than China Rainbow. If you’re in the area and looking for good food and great drinks, give Golden Temple a try….. You won’t be let down by the scorpion bowls.

The Hong KongBoston – This is our #1 for going out late night and drinking bowls. The atmosphere is much different than Golden Temple and China Rainbow, because Hong Kong is a bar/club. The scorpion bowls are pretty big and they taste fantastic. With a loud bar and your friends by your side, this spot it perfect for slugging bowls. They give you tons of straws to share and before you know it, you’ll have bought over five of these bowls…. This is our top pick for going out in the city because while you enjoy the exotic drinks, you can go upstairs and dance the night away.

Honorable Mention: Kowloon (Saugus), Red Lantern (Boston)

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