The Boston Guide to Buying an Ugly Sweater

By OIB | 12/07/2014

By BarUp

It’s time to get ready for BarUp and Tablelist’s Ugly Sweater Party. We keep getting the question, where’s the best place to buy an ugly Christmas sweater? Well, BarUp has done the work for you. Below are three of our favorite Boston themed sweaters this season. THEY ARE A BIT PRICY. So if you’re hurting for cash, we have listed a few thrift shops in the area where you can secure some ugly swag.

Sam Adams Ugly Sweater – $45.00 – Sam Adams is what some say “The King of Craft Beer”. And the best part about SA is that they’re headquartered in Boston. The Sam Adams ugly sweater is sexy, with sweet logo buttons and a nice deep collar. If you want the chest to breathe while you rip up Greatest Bar’s dance floor – we suggest you pull trigger on this beauty.


Boston Bruins Ugly Sweater – $49.95 – The Big Bad Bruins. This sweater is so ugly, it’ll definitely draw the likes on your Instagram. With plenty of Christmas trees and Bruins logos, we suggest buying this ugly gem to anyone who supports Boston hockey. And the black/yellow sleeves = MINT.


Boston Red Sox Ugly Sweater – $51.16 – A very similar theme to the Bruins ugly sweater, this cloth is a winner. Not only does it have Red Sox logos and Christmas trees on it – the colors are Christmas colors! It’s a bit pricier than the others, but hey it’s the Boston Red Sox. We expect to see some of these bad boys on the dance floor…


We understand that some people have small budgets. So here are a few places where you can shop for a generic ugly sweater…. you’ll be able to find some really ugly sweaters at a bargain price, allowing you to have fun and enjoy the theme.

Garment District – 200 Broadway, Cambridge

Goodwill – 7 Area Locations

Urban Renewals – 122 Brighton Ave., Allston

Have a great week, and come out to the Ugly Sweater Party this weekend!