The Sam Adams Challenge

By OIB | 12/16/2014

By BarUp

The BarUp team attempted the Sam Adams challenge a couple years back and failed. The Sam Adams challenge involves trying each Sam Adams beer & collecting the associated bottles. There are over 70 beers offered by Sam Adams, some seasonal and some that have/had a limited release.

The BarUp team is taking a real go at the SAM ADAMS CHALLENGE. We encourage our users and other Bostonians to do the same.

There are over 70 beers offered by Sam Adams, so it’s tricky laying out a sound strategy. Lets start with the Boston Lager – Sam Adams’s flagship beer. Because of its clear maple color, corn and caramel flavor, and irresistible smell, Boston Lager has been considered a staple of “craft beer”. The Boston Lager needs to be the first beer bottle for your collection…. Hands down.

Now to start tackling the rest, we recommend going for Sam Adams’s Barrel Room collection. A bit pricey but worth the taste, these bottles look great in any beer bottle collection. You can buy them at liquor stores in and around Boston, and of course at the company’s headquarters. After you try each one, transition to Sam Adams’s Brewmasters Collection. By the time you have both collections down, your stash of bottles will start to look really sexy. THIS WILL GIVE YOU MOTIVATION…because it does get harder.

The rest is difficult in terms of order, but at BarUp we plan to check off some regulars. These include the small batch beers (Honey Queen is pure gold), Sam Adams Light, and the Rebel IPA..

The seasonal beers are tough because they take time, but the majority of effort needs to focus on securing the gems. Sam Adams has a list of limited released beers…..and the bottles look amazing. There’s a list on the company website, but this list needs its own strategy. While we don’t have suggestions for tackling the limited release beers, there are some tips on how to acquire them. eBay is great for buying rare Sam Adams without breaking the bank, and the big liquor stores in Boston carry some of these gems. The last and most important beer in our collection, the holy grail of all Sam Adams will be their Utopia. Consider it the trophy of your collection, and share your success with us!

If you embark on the Sam Adams challenge, make sure to share your struggles and successes with us. And if you want to go out on a weeknight here in Boston, and try some Sam at the bar, download BarUp. BarUp chooses one bar each weeknight, highlighting it as Boston’s Bar of the Night. Available now for iOS and Google Play.