Thoughts Waiting In Line For The Bar During Winter

By OIB | 01/11/2015

By Shannon Harrison

Boston gets cold. Don’t forget your beer jacket when you go out. And here’s your thoughts as you wait in line to get inside your favorite Boston bar/club…

As soon as you get out of the Uber you see the line…

“We should’ve left earlier”

“Why didn’t I wear a bigger coat?”

“You think they’ll let us go in front of them?”

“I need a drink…or three.”

“What is she wearing?”

“Let’s leave.”

“They left! We’re closer!”

“Is this line even moving?”

“Go flirt with the bouncer.”

“My feet hurt.”

“Should we just go to South Street Diner?”

“We’re wicked close to the door though.”

“I’m not even drunk anymore.”

Once inside, you proceed to the coat check or the bar to buy a drink & you’re in a line/crowd again. The thoughts repeat…