This Weekend’s Top 25 Boston Events

By OIB | 01/08/2015

By The Boston Calendar

The Boston Calendar, the place for Bostonians (and non-locals) to find interesting, fun, under-publicized, & mostly-free events happening around the city and surrounding areas (e.g. Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline) has compiled a list of the top 25 events for this weekend. Check it out!

This weekend’s top 25 events:
1) Patriots vs. Ravens Playoff bit.ly/–qG
2) No Pants MBTA Ride bit.ly/–iG
3) Boston Celtic Music Fest bit.ly/–cG
4) Top Films of 2014 bit.ly/–mG
5) Winter Folk Festival bit.ly/–gG
6) MIT Museum 2nd Friday’s bit.ly/–bG
7) Fresh Ink Presents: “Chalk” bit.ly/–rG
8) Frog Pong Ice Skating bit.ly/–gN
9) Hot Stove Cool Music bit.ly/–eG
10) The 1925 Party bit.ly/–gD
11) La Fête des Rois bit.ly/–hG
12) Art Gallery Reception bit.ly/–dG
13) $10 Jazz Show bit.ly/–dD
14) “Arcana” Art Reception bit.ly/–vG
15) Global Warming Talk bit.ly/–aG
16) Ignite Craft Boston bit.ly/–wG
17) Winter Farmers’ Market bit.ly/–Gv
18) Potluck/Game Night bit.ly/–uG
19) $15 Wedding Expo bit.ly/–sG
20) Open Meditation bit.ly/–oG
21) CryptoParty bit.ly/–xG
22) Boston Comedy Chicks bit.ly/–tG
23) “Muckrakers” bit.ly/–Gm
24) Pats Tailgate + Benefit bit.ly/–nG
25) Gardner Museum: Sculpture Lab bit.ly/–kG
Also, 50+ events → bit.ly/–Gk