6 Ways To Maximize National ‘Sriracha on Everything Day’

By OIB | 01/11/2015

By Paul Espinoza

As if you need an excuse to put sriracha sauce on everything, you have 24 hours to do so. That’s right, January 13th is put sriracha on everything day according to January’s nonsense food holidays.

1) This is for all the college kids. Let’s change up the ramen a little.

(via foodbeastTV)

2) Throw on some Netflix and munch on popcorn. Buy here or pop your favorite brand of popcorn, pour some sriracha in the bag, shake it up, and enjoy.

3) Four words: Sriracha honey hot wings. These would taste good on any day of the year. The Bruins play Tampa Bay tonight. Whip these up and no mater the result you have some tasty wings to eat. A win would make them taste better though. Recipe here.

4) If you have a grizzly enough beard, go for it!

(via Incredibeard)

5) Burrito Tuesday, Taco Tuesday? Close enough. But hey, sriracha on tacos would be bomb too. Nothing wrong with mixing flavors from around the world.

(via GrizzleGrub)

6) Vegetarian, healthy, sriracha, no problem here. Recipe here.