The Modern College Woman: All That I Am, All That I Dream Of Becoming

By OIB | 01/12/2015

By Briagenn Adams

During my 21 years of life and especially throughout the last four as a college student, I have always admired specific personality traits, traits that I aspire to attain. All encompassed, they create my ideal character: The Modern College Woman. It’s a well-known fact that college is a 4-year growing period; a time to explore the world and to discover yourself. The person you were when you first arrived at Freshmen Orientation is definitely not the same person you will be when you walk across that graduation stage. Now, in no way do I believe that I exemplify the essence of The Modern College Woman, or even half of the attributes listed below. I have more than my fair share of flaws and faults; I’m often quick to judge and forever irritable, I barely recycle and I instigate arguments with my mom way too much. However, with The Modern College Woman in mind, I continue to strive to be like her because in my imagination she is me, only much improved. As we advance in our formal education endeavors, it’s important to live vibrantly, with an end-goal in sight. Below are some specific personality traits that I work to acquire, and I hope they will inspire others to create lists of their own:

The Modern College Woman embraces intelligence. She has earned her education, and she will flaunt her intellect with pride.

The Modern College Woman eats what she wants, when she wants, but she also appreciates the importance of a healthy, strong body.

The Modern College Woman doesn’t give a fuck about traditional gender roles.

The Modern College Woman has experienced true sorrow, but has allowed life’s most melancholy moments to mold her soul into something stronger and more stable.

The Modern College Woman abhors ignorance.

The Modern College Woman cares about our planet and the environmental legacy we will one day leave behind.

The Modern College Woman pursues her passions and fights for what’s right.

The Modern College Woman takes control of her body and doesn’t allow old white men to dictate the future of her uterus.

The Modern College Woman is independent. She’s responsible. She doesn’t need a man.

The Modern College Woman is charismatic and has an excellent judge of character. She smiles often but never allows fake bullshit to faze her.

The Modern College Woman recognizes the importance of true friends.

The Modern College Woman travels. Whether it’s to a different state, country, continent, or hemisphere, she appreciates all Earth has to offer and yearns to see as much of it as possible.

The Modern College Woman knows how to ease a tequila-induced hangover.

The Modern College Woman recognizes when it’s time to quit, give up, walk away.

The Modern College Woman doesn’t care who your daddy works for or what sorority your mother used to be in; that’s in the past and the future starts now.

The Modern College Woman will never allow a handsome face to disguise an ugly personality.

The Modern College Woman is awed by the enormity of our Universe.

The Modern College Woman appreciates the comfort of financial security, but doesn’t allow money to dictate her happiness or measure her success.

The Modern College Woman understands the importance of networking, but more importantly the importance of being kind.

The Modern College Woman knows the news. She’s informed about the world. She understands politics and vocalizes her opinions on a daily basis, whatever those opinions may be.

The Modern College Woman utilizes her skills to create a positive impact on the world around her.

The Modern College Woman reads, and not just for class.

The Modern College Woman respects and appreciates the plights of people less fortunate than herself, and aims to honor them free from prejudice or hatred.

The Modern college Woman has a goal to work towards; a dream to accomplish.

The above is my version of The Modern College Woman, but in actuality this list could continue for eternity. We all have our own ideas of perfection, and we probably won’t all agree with each other. And that’s ok. For me, The Modern College Woman is all that I am, all that I ever want to be, all that I dream of becoming. She’s confident, she’s smart, and she’s in me, waiting to become a reality. But here’s the real question: Who do you want to be?