Must Haves At A Patriots Super Bowl Party

By OIB | 01/24/2015

By Brett Fortin

Just in case you forgot, the Patriots are in the Superbowl next Sunday and not just involved in some absurd Warren Commission. While Belichick handles dozen of balls in the next week, here are must haves for your Super Bowl party.

Patriots Themed Cookie Cake

Supermarkets love two things: buy one get one free deals for Colgate toothpaste and making very mediocre cookie cakes. The Super Bowl isn’t just the pinnacle of the NFL season; it’s the climax of cookie cake season. The bakery department has been working hard every week on these cookie cakes, perfecting their craft, balancing the sugar to chocolate ratio, and making sure the icing around the edges is just perfect. But let’s be honest, cookie cakes are the “meat loaf” of the dessert family: inexpensive, not that tasty, and inevitably left over to eat for the next day. But at least you’ll have something to binge eat if the game goes south (which it won’t).


Self-explanatory. If they win, you drink a lot. If you lose, you drink a lot. The only difference is the amount of crying involved.

Jerod’s All-Pro Mayo

In 2013, Jerod Mayo launched what he describes as a line of “gourmet mayonnaise”. It comes in three flavors for every occasion. You can put it on subs, on burgers, and on that pasta salad that someone inevitably brings to your Super Bowl party. In the vein of aptly named products, I hear Vince Wilfork is planning on coming out with a set of cutlery in the near future.

Drew Bledsoe’s Doubleback Wine

Drew’s tasting notes describes the wines as:

“2012 was simply a classic Washington vintage. The weather was perfect from bud break to harvest and was a welcome change from the abnormal seasons of ’09, ’10, and ’11. The 2012 Doubleback Cabernet Sauvignon is my favorite effort to date. I feel the wine is even more complete than my previous favorite, the 2008. The wine has intensely dark color. The nose displays an interesting combination of black and blue fruit sauté, crème cassis, and mixed floral notes paired with crushed fir needles, market spice tea, and cedar shavings. From the first sip the wine is smooth, broad in its palate impression, rich and sweet. There is an almost unexplainable deliciousness factor that I find irresistible. The tannins are impeccably integrated, long, and soft with just enough heft to give the wine a solid backbone and fantastic aging potential. This wine is approachable enough to enjoy immediately, but will reward 5-20 years of aging for the patient.”

It can only be ordered online.