Patriots’ Wives/Girlfriends That You Must Follow

By OIB | 01/10/2015

By Brett Fortin

While you’re nervously waiting for the Ravens @ Patriots Divisional Playoff game at 4:35 pm EST (NBC), you’ve probably been doing some light reading of “A Gronking to Remember”, worrying about Brandon LaFell’s toe, and unfortunately listening to Terrell Suggs mumble something ignorant. But, even if you consider yourself a die-hard Pat’s fan, you probably don’t even rival the passion of these 5 Patriots fans. If you want insight into the lives of Patriots’ players and their families that you can’t get anywhere else, you must follow these 4 Pats player’s better halves.

  1. Bianca Wilfork
  2. Bianca, wife of DT Vince Wilfork, can frequently be seen during both home and away games sporting her customized #75 jersey with the nameplate “Wifey” and her new Patriots letterman jacket with “Mrs. Wilfork” embroidered across the back. Her Throwback Thursday posts are certainly a treat, often showing old pictures of Vince throughout his heyday.

  3. Gisele Bündchen
  4. You might have heard of her before. She’s done some modeling on the side, a little acting here and there, and she also happened to marry Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. One might think that Gisele doesn’t even have time to care about a silly football game while she’s jet setting around the world, but you’d be dead wrong. Gisele frequently live tweets the games both in English and Portuguese, and her passion for the sport and “Tommy” are clear. Her twitter’s a must-follow if you want to see pictures of the more sensitive side of Tommy, or maybe, if you just want to learn a little Portuguese.

  5. Linda Holliday
  6. Linda Holliday, longtime girlfriend of Bill Belichick, posts tweets and pictures that might raise the most questions out of all of these accounts. Such as, why is Belichick’s smile so awkward? Does Belichick wear his hoodie around the house? Does Belichick even have emotions? How good are Belichick’s PB&J sandwiches?

  7. Chantel Mayo
  8. Jerod Mayo might have been on the IR since the beginning of the season, but that didn’t stop Chantel Mayo from sharing her Patriots Pride. You can find links on her twitter to player interviews by her daughter in the web series “A Lil’ Mayo with…”.