Tom Brady Is The NFL’s All-Time Playoff Leader In Just About EVERYTHING

By OIB | 01/19/2015

By Mark Vandeusen

After yesterday’s 45-7 dismantling of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC title game, Tom Brady is now No. 1 all time in each of the following career postseason categories (second place in parentheses):

Completions: 646 (Peyton Manning, 598)
Attempts: 1,035 (Manning, 935)
Passing Yards: 7,017 (Manning, 6,800)
Touchdown passes: 49 (Joe Montana, 45)
Wins for a quarterback: 20 (Montana, 16)
Game-winning drives: 8 (John Elway, 6)
4th quarter comeback wins: 5 (Montana also 5)

February 1st will be Brady’s sixth Super Bowl appearance, the most ever for a quarterback and tying him with defensive tackle Mike Lodish for the most by any NFL player. If the Patriots win, it’ll be Brady’s fourth Super Bowl victory–Montana and Terry Bradshaw are the only QBs to do that.

Here’s my favorite stat of all: Only eight other NFL teams have more playoff victories in their history than Brady (20) does, just 25 percent of the league.

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