The Five Stages Of Senioritis

By OIB | 02/25/2015

By Shannon Harrison

It’s spring semester of your senior year: Senioritis is at all time high and the emotions are higher than your freshman year roommate.


This isn’t happening. It feels like yesterday I was a freshman. I still have so much time, months even. Plus post grad life won’t be THAT bad, and I’ll still see my friends all the time.


I’m not ready. I can’t do it. I don’t want to. And stop asking me what I’m doing after graduation!


If I finish this assignment now, I can definitely go out every night this week. I mean I am graduating, better live it up while I can…


I’m never going to see my friends again or get a job and the only skills I have for my resume are a perfect shot in beer pong.


I can still live with my friends, I have a few job interviews next week and I can still go out on weekends, right?! Everything’s going to be okay.