Do You Write Down Who You’ve Slept With? There’s An App For That.

By OIB | 02/14/2015

By BarUp

Do you have a list of people you’ve slept with? Don’t sweat it, most people do. However, as you get older and the numbers increase, it gets harder to not only log encounters, but remember them in general. The S.A.C. app is what you need – The Sexual Activity Calendar. Dr. Sarah Russo founded the app to address this problem.

With the S.A.C. app, users log their encounters with options to store important details. No longer will you forget that one night stand, or forget which night you were lucky with that bar beaut. And for those in relationships, the S.A.C. app is perfect for monitoring activity – making sure you and your partner have a solid amount of intimate time.

Oh and another feature – the S.A.C. app offers the ability to add medical information to your calendar such as doctor appointments, immunizations, and even an uploaded version of your insurance card!

Stop waiting and try this app out. It’s tons of fun and it solves a problem.

Download the S.A.C. app now.

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