Learning Boston Sports Passion From Your Dad

By OIB | 02/11/2015

By Shannon Harrison

As the Pats made that interception in Super Bowl XLIX, everyone in the bar jumped from their seats in shock and excitement. I sat on that barstool, took a sip of my Bud Light and just smiled. I knew you heard me asking for that play. I knew you were cheering like crazy somewhere. That’s your team and you helped them win this one Dad.

You taught me how to be a real fan. This is why I miss you a little extra during Sundays in the fall. The days we would eat your homemade meatballs and you’d scream at the TV. Calling Brady a f***ing idiot one minute and the next cheering for him as he made another one of his incredible passes. There’s no doubt in my mind Brady has you to thank a little bit for his fourth Super Bowl win. I wanted to hear you telling at the TV. When the clock ran out I wanted to look down and see a text from you saying “GO PATS!! BE SAFE!! XO DAD”. I wish you could’ve shown up the next day with that official championship t-shirt that you’d tell me “fell off the back of a truck”.

The firsts without you are hard. This might’ve been one of the hardest. The first time I celebrated one of our teams being champions without you. I’m grateful I grew up in Massachusetts, a state of incredible sports teams. I’m grateful you taught me about sports and instilled this love for Boston in me. But the thing I’m most grateful is that I had a Dad that taught me what passion is. You showed it everywhere in your life but especially for your teams. Even when our boys were down you taught me to support them no matter what. Thanks for that.