A Patriots Fan Texted Julian Edelman To Let Him Know Someone Posted His Number On Instagram

By OIB | 02/21/2015
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Reddit user RaptorsFromSpace posted a screenshot of a text conversation with Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman. The user found Edelman’s number when someone on Instagram posted it. Curious to see if it was real, he texted the number and got the following screen shot text messages below. The user was kind enough not to share Edelman’s number or reveal the user who posted the number so as to not compromise Edelman.

To note, this is based on a Reddit post & screenshot. This has been unconfirmed and only based on the details of the Reddit post. In further analysis of the photo Julian texted, it is an old Instagram photo from his account. Regardless, it’s still great of the fan to not reveal the number he saw.

Source: Reddit