The Super Bowl 49 Drinking Game: Patriots Edition

By OIB | 02/01/2015

By Brett Fortin

Print it. Bookmark it. Forward this to your entire fraternity or dorm. If you’re rooting for the Patriots tonight, this is THE Super Bowl 49 Drinking Game.

– Whenever DeflateGate is mentioned
– Tom Brady yells out the “Mike”
– Edelman gets a 1st down
– Tom Brady/Joe Montana comparisons are made
– A defender misses a tackle on Gronk
– The camera pans to a fan w/a sign
– Darelle Revis is compared to Richard Sherman
– Announcers mention snow/show a snow-covered Boston/Foxborough

– Jonas Gray gets a carry
– Tom Brady QB sneaks for a 1st down
– Announcers “go down to the field with” a sideline reporter
– Edelman is referred to as a “gym rat” or “scrappy” or that he was a “former QB”
– They mispronounce Michael Hoomanawanui
– The Patriots run a “deceptive” formation
– Bill Belichick smiles

– Tom Brady QB sneaks for a touchdown
– Gronk scores (then spike your cup)
– Anyone on the Pats (other than Brady) throws a touchdown
– The beer you’re drinking is a Super Bowl advertisement
– Vince Wilfork recovers a fumble or forces a turnover

Thank you to Amanda Hittinger for creating the graphic.