15 FREE Boston Events This Week

By OIB | 03/08/2015

By The Boston Calendar

The Boston Calendar, the place for Bostonians (and non-locals) to find interesting, fun, under-publicized, & mostly-free events happening around the city and surrounding areas (e.g. Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline) has compiled 15 FREE Boston events coming up this week. Check it!

  1. Club V (free cocktails) bit.ly/–11O
  2. Startup Stir (free wine) bit.ly/–11c
  3. Women in the Arts @ MFA bit.ly/–11a
  4. Somerville By Design bit.ly/–11q
  5. Taste of Iceland Kickoff bit.ly/–11l
  6. Beer Launch Party bit.ly/–11e
  7. Public Reading of “Trilogy” bit.ly/–11r
  8. 30’s & Under Meditation bit.ly/–11t
  9. Trivia @ Aeronaut Brewing bit.ly/–11y
  10. Simpsons Trivia Night bit.ly/–11o
  11. Write Nite bit.ly/–11f
  12. Energy Talk @ Harvard bit.ly/–11w
  13. ICA Museum bit.ly/–11z
  14. Art Exhibit Opening bit.ly/–11x
  15. Startup Hot Seat (free beer) bit.ly/–iII