46 Events Happening Around Boston During The First Weekend Of Spring

By OIB | 03/20/2015

By The Boston Calendar

The Boston Calendar, the place for Bostonians (and non-locals) to find interesting, fun, under-publicized, & mostly-free events happening around the city and surrounding areas (e.g. Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline) has compiled 46 events in Boston this first spring weekend. Take advantage.

1) Boston Design Week bit.ly/–S5
2) Bach on the MBTA bit.ly/–N5
3) Persian Festival @ MFA bit.ly/–5L
4) Free Omni Theatre bit.ly/–5Q
5) Whiskey Rebellion bit.ly/–B5
6) Five Short Plays for $20 bit.ly/–L5
7) Dry Land Booze Cruise bit.ly/–C5
8) Instagram Worldwide Meetup bit.ly/–Q5
9) Chocolate Madness Tasting bit.ly/–5N
10) Silent(ish) Reading Party bit.ly/–5IQ
11) Vernal Equinox Art Show bit.ly/–5P
12) Evening w Eliza Dushku bit.ly/–5R
13) Soulelujah Dance Night bit.ly/–D5
14) Extreme Beer Fest bit.ly/–4W
15) Irish Film Festival bit.ly/–5H
16) World Water Day bit.ly/–A5
17) Vericon XV bit.ly/–5W
18) Blast Fest 8 bit.ly/–5S
19) Poetry Workshop bit.ly/–5B
20) Spring Starts Here bit.ly/–5C
21) 72° and Shock Top bit.ly/–X5
22) WAM! Film Festival bit.ly/–5V
23) Reject Dance Theatre bit.ly/–5D
24) Harpoon Cupid Splash bit.ly/–5Z
25) Free Indoor Water Park bit.ly/–5K
26) Winter Farmers’ Market bit.ly/–5J
27) $12 Berklee Concert bit.ly/–5F
28) Beer Brunch bit.ly/–T5
29) Learn to Meditate bit.ly/–E5
30) LGBT Film Festival bit.ly/–W5
31) Stand-Up @ Starlab bit.ly/–G5
32) Music Making Demo bit.ly/–5Y
33) Marathon Hypnosis bit.ly/–5E
34) Atari Punk Console bit.ly/–5M
35) Tone + Flow Yoga bit.ly/–5X
36) Beer Fest After-Party bit.ly/–5G
37) Do It Your Damn Self!! bit.ly/–Z5
38) Bike Rides Challenge bit.ly/–O5
39) Making Women’s History bit.ly/–Y5
40) Penny and Sparrow ($15) bit.ly/–F5
41) Golden Dragon Acrobats bit.ly/–V5
42) Brooklyn Rider bit.ly/–5T
43) HelloProject bit.ly/–5O
44) Gore Mansion Tour bit.ly/–5A
45) Whose Wedding is it Anyway? bit.ly/–H5
46) Hardcore Helps the Homeless bit.ly/1GwPiEJ