4 Things To Do The Week Before Graduation

By OIB | 05/04/2015

By Shannon Harrison

It might be finals week but you have one week left until college is officially OVER. Enjoy it as much as you can! Thank your professors that impacted you. It’ll mean so much to them and you never know you might need more help from them after graduation.

Drink with friends. Celebrate. The reality is after grad you’re mostly going to go your separate ways. Never again will you be living this close to ALL of your friends. Have a last (or a few last) drunken nights to celebrate that you’ve made it this far together.

Go to your favorite college bar. The reality is you’ll never be there again as a student. Enjoy the last of the sweaty dance nights and the 1$ beer.

Breathe. Don’t rush. You may be ecstatic to cross that stage but these last 4 years have flown by and you get a week to let that sink in. Walk around campus drink in the sights that will all be different after graduation day. Don’t overstress about finals or even a bout post grad life, enjoy your time and know everything will work out.