Future Remains Bright For The Celtics Despite A Quiet Trade Deadline

By Ricky McGaughey | 02/19/2016

By Ricky McGaughey

I know. You are disappointed.

There have been plenty of rumors over the past couple of weeks with the Celtics linked to superstars like Demarcus Cousins, Blake Griffin, and Kevin Love. Celtics fans had hoped that the time had finally come to acquire a difference making player that would put this team over the hump.

Of course, the Celtics stood pat, leaving the fan base with an empty feeling as the clock struck 3:00 PM on Thursday.

Even though you feel let down, I am here to tell you to keep faith in this front office. Building a championship contender is no easy task in the NBA, and the Celtics will be in the same great position they entered the deadline in.

Here are a few reasons to feel good about the Celtics after a quiet trade deadline.

The Celtics Did Not Make A Bad Trade

Of course, the Celtics did not make a trade at all. However, it does take two to tango. Danny Ainge and the Celtics did not come across a trade that could take the Celtics to the next level without severely overpaying. Would a rental like Al Horford or Dwight Howard help the Celtics this season as they prepare for a playoff run? Absolutely, but would said deal put the Celtics on the same level as the Cleveland Cavaliers? Not even close. And even more importantly, would these players be worth an overpay of, for instance, the Brooklyn Nets’ unprotected first round pick this season. No way. Keeping valuable assets such as the Brooklyn picks are a smart move for the long term interests of the Celtics.

Ben Simmons Is A Realistic Possibility

Mark May 17, 2016 on your calendars, as this could be one of the most important day in recent Celtics history. On this day, the fate of the Celtics will be put to chance at the NBA Draft Lottery. Thanks to the the trade that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to Brooklyn in 2013, the Celtics own Brooklyn’s first round pick this season. As of today, the Net’s own the third worst record in the NBA, only ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers and the Los Angeles Lakers. If the Nets stay as the third worst team in the standings, it would give the Celtics a 15.6% chance of landing the first pick in the lottery and a 31.3% chance of landing one of the first two picks. The first and second pick are expected to go to LSU’s ¬†phenomenon Ben Simmons and Duke’s Brandon Ingram, respectively. Both of these players have the potential to be franchise cornerstones. Of course, there is a chance that this pick falls as low as number six. In what is considered to be a weak draft, falling too far would be heart-breaking to Celtics fans, who know too well of the bad fortunes of the lottery (falling from pick two to pick five in 2007, missing out on Kevin Durant). This just goes to show anything is possible at the lottery.

Superstars Will Be Available This Summer

Celtics fans were hopeful that their franchise savior would come at this year’s trade deadline. Even though we were left unsatisfied, there is plenty of hope that the Celtics can get their man in the offseason. The first name to come to mind is free agent to be Kevin Durant. I would warn Celtics fans to consider this a long shot, unless the Celtics can somehow convince Durant to lead the next great Celtics juggernaut. The more likely route of acquiring a superstar is through trade. Expect Blake Griffin to be more seriously shopped this summer if the Clippers fail to advance deep into the playoffs. The same could be said for Kevin Love, who could very well be on his way out of Cleveland if he cannot gel with Lebron James and Kyrie Irving. The Kings have been in turmoil all season, and are a candidate to push the reset button this summer, starting with officially making DeMarcus Cousins available in a trade. Another player to watch will be James Harden. The Rockets have fell from their status of championship contender after a disastrous 2016 season, and could be looking to make big changes. If any of these players were to become seriously available, look for the Celtics to be first in line with an offer.

So for all the Celtics fans were deeply disappointed by the results of trade deadline, I would like to advise you that patience is a virtue. Danny Ainge’s patience thus far has brought the Celtics to where they are, and perhaps patience is all it takes to get back to championship contention.