Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 10 Overview

By Gage Nutter | 06/27/2016
loras and high sparrow

By Gage Nutter

I said in last weeks piece that it would be hard to top the Battle of the Bastards episode. However, it looks like the writers were more than up to the challenge this week.

The episode begins with Cersei looking over Kings Landing from the Red Keep as a bell tolls throughout the city. We then cut to the sept of Baelor and watch Loras get dragged to the middle of the sept. Instead of fighting against the accusations against him, he admits to them. He claims that he is humbled by the seven gods and that he wishes to serve them. Which means that he must renounce his inheritance to Highgarden and he can not have children. The Faith Militant then proceed to carve the seven-pointed star into his forehead to formally make him a member of the Faith Militant. Margaery becomes visibly upset and confronts the High Sparrow, saying that he promised that he wouldn’t allow for Loras to be mutilated (she should’ve known the High Sparrow doesn’t make deals with anyone, come on now Margaery). She also says that it isn’t fair that Cersei hasn’t even come to her own trial.

Lancel and some other members of the Faith are then ordered to bring Cersei to the sept. Just outside of the sept, a child appears. The child is able to lure Lancel down a hallway and into the crypts under Kings Landing

In reality, why would Lancel follow this kid? His job was to go to the Red Keep and confront Cersei, not to chase down some random child on the street, anyway, I digress.

Meanwhile, Maester Pycelle has been deceived by Maester Qyburn. Qyburn gets one of his “little birds” to bring Pycelle into his quarters. Once Pycelle has entered, around a dozen of Qyburn’s “little birds” stab him to death.

Pycelle’s importance has diminished significantly since the introduction of Qyburn, so his death was imminent. However, I’m sure we will all miss his beard, and his frequent visits to the brothel.

Lancel continues to follow the kid down narrow hallways under Kings Landing. As he turns a corner, he sees the huge stash of wildfire (same stash Tyrion used for the Battle of the Blackwater). He has also lost track of the kid. While off-guard, the kid sneaks behind him and stabs him in the back, leaving him unable to walk.

As this is happening, Margaery becomes suspicious. She has a bad feeling about Cersei and Tommen not being at the trial. She tells everybody to get out and that the sept isn’t safe. However, the Faith Militant don’t allow anyone to leave.

We then cut back to Lancel crawling on the ground down this hallway or wildfire. At the end of the hall, a candle is burning on top of wildfire, a ticking time bomb. Lancel tries his best to make it to the candle in time, but to no avail. The candle ignites the wildfire, which in-turn ignites the whole cache of wildfire. This rapid ignition causes an explosion that kills everyone in the sept of Baelor. Including Loras, Margaery, Mace, Kevan Lannister, and the High Sparrow.

We then see Tommen looking out over Kings Landing from the Red Keep. Watching whatever is left of the sept of Baelor smolder. He then proceeds to take off his crown, place it down, stand on the ledge of the Red Keep, and jump to his death, overcome with grief.

We all knew Tommen was soft from the moment we met him. He was the polar opposite of Joffery, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. Joffery was violent when it wasn’t required, and Tommen was passive when violence was required. Knowing that Margaery, someone whom he loved, is now dead, was more than enough to push him over the edge and into suicide.

jamie and walder

The Freys celebrate at the Twins now that they have retrieved Riverrun. Walder and Jamie have a conversation, in which they take slight jabs at each other. Walder says that they have something in common, they’re both Kingslayers (Jamie with Aerys and Walder with Robb). Jamie then reminds Walder that it isn’t the Freys that the people fear, it is the Lannister’s that support them.

Sam and Gilly then arrive at the Citadel. Sam must wait before he begins his training, but he is permitted to enter their famous library. Sam is taken back at how large and wonderful the library is. All of his life he has loved reading and learning from books and has always wanted to devout his life to doing it, and now he has that chance.

We then arrive back in Winterfell. Davos confronts Melisandre about burning Shireen at the stake. Davos says he loved her like his own daughter and asks Jon to sentence her to death. Jon decides to banish her from Winterfell and that if he sees her in the north again he will hang her.

Melisandre does make a good point when she says that she only burned her because the lord of light commanded it, just as he commanded Jon’s resurrection. I do feel bad for her in a sense, because she never betrayed Jon, she only did as the lord of light commanded her to. Then again, burning a little girl alive isn’t cool either.

Jon watches her ride off from the top of Winterfell with Sansa by his side. Sansa apologizes to Jon for not being more honest and telling him about the soldiers from the Vale. Jon accepts her apology, but says that they need to be more open with each other and need to be able to trust each other. Sansa also tells him that a white raven has flown in from the citadel, which means that winter has arrived.

FINALLY winter has come. Ned was saying back in the very first episode that winter was coming. I didn’t think that meant that it would take six seasons for it to arrive. Good thing Ned ended up the lord of Winterfell and not a meteorologist.

We then catch up with everyone’s favorite smack-talking grandmother, Olenna Tyrell. She is meeting up with the Sand Snakes in Dorne (because who hates the Lannisters more than the Tyrells? The Martells). Ellaria says that they must form an alliance for them to survive. Olenna says she doesn’t care about survival, she wants vengeance. Varys then appears and says that vengeance will be served with fire and blood (the house words of house Targaryean).

Looks like Varys did a good job on his mission to gain followers for Daenerys.

Next up is a conversation between Tyrion and Daenerys. Daenerys had to make the difficult choice in telling Daario that he couldn’t come with them to Westeros, and that he must rule Mereen in her absence. Tyrion also reminds her that she is now in the “great game”, and that it is terrifying. Daenerys acknowledges that, and that she wont be able to get through it without him, and with that being said, she names him Hand of the Queen.

Tyrion did a great job as Hand of the King under Joffery for a while earlier in the series, I’m sure if Daenerys can take Westeros he will do an even better job with her.

We then cut to Walder Frey eating alone in his hall at the Twins. As he’s eating a girl approaches him, a girl that he doesn’t recognize. The girl serves him a meat pie, as she is doing that, Walder complains asking where his sons are. The girl points to the pie and says that they are in there. Walder removes the crust to find a toe sticking from the pie, one of his sons toes. As he realizes this, the girl removes her face revealing her identity as Arya. She grabs Walder and slices his neck, just as Catelyns was sliced at the Red Wedding. Poetic Justice.

Littlefinger then meets with Sansa. He reveals what he wants, what he has always wanted, the Iron Throne. He says that everything he does in his everyday life relates to getting closer to sitting on the throne, and that he wants Sansa by his side when he gets there.

I really want to believe that is truly Littlefinger’s motive, but part of me is resisting. Littlefinger plans out everything that he does very carefully. Why would he tell Sansa his true motives after she said that she wants him dead? Why would he risk the knowledge of his motives with someone who wants him gone? I don’t know, maybe I’m thinking too deeply into it, but it is a possibility that there is something deeper behind what he is doing here.

bran under tree

We then cut to Benjen, Meera, and Bran near the wall. Benjen is not able to go past the wall because of the ancient magic that it holds against wights like him, so he bids them farewell and good luck. Bran then crawls over to a weirwood tree and starts using his greensight. He returns to the Tower of Joy and follows his father, Ned, as he climbs the steps up the tower. He sees that his aunt Lyanna is laying in a pool of her own blood and is dying. She says that Ned must protect “him”. She makes Ned promise her that he will always protect “him”. She is referring to her newborn son, Jon. The theory that book-readers and show-watchers have been whispering about for a few seasons has come to fruition. Jon is not Ned’s son, but the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryean.

The book series of Game of Thrones is called A Song of Ice and Fire. Jon now embodies that title, he has the ice of a Stark in his veins, but the fire of a Targaryean as well.

We move on to a meeting of all the Northern houses and representatives from the Vale. Lady Mormont chides the lords of each house that didnt come to their aid during the battle. Each lord feels guilt and pledges their lives to Jon and the Stark house. They even claim him as King in the North, just as they did with Robb earlier in the series. Robb’s reign as King in the North may not have ended well, but Jon’s reign seems to be much more promising.

Jamie arrives back in Kings Landing with Bronn and the rest of the Lannister forces. He arrives just in time to witness the coronation of the new Queen of Westeros, Cersei Lannister.

I feel as though Cersei will be a female version of Daenerys father, Aerys. She will become mad with power, suffer from paranoia, and will torture people for pleasure. Until she meets a tragic end.

In the final scene of the season, we see a combination or Greyjoy, Tyrell, Martell, and Targaryean ships, as well as three dragons, make their way across the Narrow Sea and on their way to Kings Landing.

This is the moment we have been waiting for since season one, Daenerys is finally making her way to Westeros to claim the Iron Throne.

Of course season finales are supposed to be action-packed, but this episode was incredible. Lots of great story lines going into season 7. The ten month wait begins now!